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This is now the home of User Easy Websites

A Website can be so useful, whether it is for

a Business or for Personal Use.

A Website for Business 

Nowadays every business needs a presence on The World Wide Web.

To have one is cost effective and the efficient person's way of reaching as many people with their information, in an as up-to-date version as possible and for a modest outlay.

How much do you spend on leaflets, business cards and advertising? Having ordered them do you find later you wish you'd worded them differently or that they don't contain all your information, there just wasn't enough room?

Have you placed an advertisement in a directory, only to find that by the time it is published and run its course the content is out of date?

With a web address to put onto your stationery and into your advertisements you can direct your future customers to the most up to date information on such things as your services, products, opening hours, special offers and contact details.

Amendments to your web site can be carried out and published within hours (sometimes minutes!)

Simple and functional sites that are factual and fast loading are a marketing tool of the NOW. They need not cost a fortune, and can often be up and running with at least a basic presence within 24 hours or less... and can be enhanced and completed at the speed of the supply of content.

A website is on duty 24 hours a day across time zones and globe-wide locations. People always know where they can find it, no bits of paper or business cards to get mislaid with your information on. If you make your web site address memorable and easy to remember it will be there for your customers and friends as a constant when they want you.

Do you want to get left behind?

A basic site has 3 pages. A home page, one giving information about you and your business and a contact page. Extra pages can be added to include picture shows, Pay Pal, newsletters, a guest book and lots more. Links to Facebook etc can be added.

Cost depends on your requirements. I suspect in many cases it is not so much that a website cannot be afforded, but more that to be without one would cost more in the overall balance of things.

A website for your personal use.

A personal website offers you the opportunity of having an easy to refer to space where you can share common interests, photos, hobbies, publish discoveries and insights, poetry, articles and put a personal profile on. Great for keeping in touch with family and friends who are close by or at a distance and sharing with new acquaintances and like minded people. How about if you are selling your house? Extra coverage!!

My mission is:

To produce websites that are easily accessible to both the owner and those that they want to visit it, at the same time as keeping the cost to a minimum.

To build websites that are as fast loading as a connection will allow and waffle free, enabling the viewer to speedily get the material and information they are looking for.

To create an evolving entity. This encourages visitors to return frequently. A website like this will keep your customers, friends and family in the loop, with the latest information in a format that they can absorb and enjoy at their leisure, at a time that suits them.

For more information, with no obligation, you can use my contact form

Please give me your contact details and trade or subject and a summary of what you would be wanting. If you are not sure what you want, we can explore the options.