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The Holistic Pitstop

Transform your life....


HI FOlks,

Well life is all mixed up at the moment. 

I am living in Somerset.  But ofcourse under government rules which limit what we can all do.

I will be doing more in the newsletter over the next few weeks.... things that just might lift your spirit in these challenging times.

For now, I wish you well.  Stay safe.

Tomorrow is another day.

~~ Hello ~~

We have finally moved back to Somerset

from The Highlands of Scotland

Life is very different here, and we are still unpacking and settling in.

The move was a challenge but everything has finally turned out well.

It is a time of planning, catching up with friends and family and making new contacts. There are many options, which to choose? This is an amazing begining to the rest of our lives.


On this page you will find the latest news on offers, course dates, articles as well as bits and bobs.



At the Holistic Pitstop we have lots of ideas, many of them just a bit unusual. We can offer VOUCHERS so that the recipient can make their own choice. They could have a treatment, attend a workshop, select a numerology or biorythm report, or have a reading.

If you would like to be notified of when updates are posted, please join the list through the contact form.

I wish you a lovely day