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The Holistic Pitstop

Transform your life....

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Reports and Readings

Numerology, Bio-rhythms, Cards, Oracles

Reports and Consultations available now.

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Numerology: This is a system of working with numbers to evaluate how things such as your name and birth-date affect your life. How what you call your house or your business can have an influence. It is a fascinating subject.

Many celebrities have found their lives changed when they changed their names.

Bio-rhythms: When you are born several cycles start up. 4 of these affect your physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitive aspects. Each runs over several weeks and days, going high and low. These can affect how we feel and react. Have you ever had a day when you felt you could not get out of your own way, you had no energy, or just could not think straight. A bio-rythm report can chart on a graph, by the month your ups and downs, which can be useful for planning, and to explain past effects.

Card and Oracle Readings: I use cards such as Angel Cards, The Bright Ideas Deck and other cards to help people to explore and understand how their lives are going. For many this is an enlightening adventure, helping them to place the past into a more meaningful perspective, to give understanding of the present and to reveal the alternatives which exist in the future. There is nothing magical or weird about these readings, they simply throw subjects and diversity into the pot, things that may not have been thought of previously, that can bring a broader view to light.

All these Reports and Readings can be interesting and enlightening as well as making unusual gifts.